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  1. Kristen says:

    Envious of your days by the water.

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  2. man, i love your site. well done.

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  3. shirley sorrentino says:

    your posts are from 2014…why not after that?
    I have a friend who is a fly fisherman and bamboo rod maker. He is thinking of coming to Narrows with me to try some fishing. I’d like him to enjoy the experience. Anything you can share now?


    1. to be honest; I’ve not been to dismal creek falls in over two years. i leave up dismal falls just for reference use for other anglers. I actually live in Roanoke instead of Blacksburg now. If your buddy is coming to Narrows; i would suggest Mill Creek, Little Stony Creek, or Big Stony.


    2. Shirley, a lot of that has to do with my relocation to Roanoke, but hopefully by the end of summer I will have a lot more places covered and put on to the site.

      I would recommend him trying out Mill Creek in Narrows, Little Stoney Creek in Pembroke, and Cripple Creek in Wytheville. Hope you guys have fun.


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