Zebra Midge


Zebra Midge


  • 5/64” Black Tungsten Bead
  • Mustad CO68 Size 18-22 Hook
  • Black UTC 70 Thread
  • Silver UTC Brassie Wire


  1. Start by getting the bead onto the hook and placing in vice.
  2. Wrap the thread behind the bead, after the thread is secure clip off excess.
  3. Behind the bead tie in the wire and start taking wraps with the thread back to the bend of the hook.
  4. Take several wraps go up and down the hook to form the body of the midge.
  5. Once at the the desired level take your wire and candy cane it up to the bead of the hook.
  6. Tie off the wire, whip finish, and the fly is done.