Fly Tying Photography and Rates

Have you ever wanted to sell your own flies on ETSY, Ebay, Instagram, Craigslist, FB Marketplace, or even on your own website?


In today’s world, people do not want mediocre photos of flies when they go to a website to buy flies, instead they want to see the product the are buying in very high resolution. Yes, camera phones can produce some really amazing photos, however unless you have a  DSLR Camera with a Macro Lens you will never get the product you want. Also unless you are using photo stacking you might not get all of the detail you need in the photos of the flies, they might come out blurred in some spots and detailed in others. Regardless people will use these photos to try and sell their flies that they work hours on, with little to no success.


What I am offering is a way to increase your fly sells, I use a high quality DSLR, with a Macro Lens, a monster light box, and my secret weapon the Arsenal. With these I can take high quality photos of any sized fly for you, which will definitely help sell your products. I can use almost any background that you want, however I highly recommend using a light box so that you will have the perfect picture.

Another thing I can do to help you sell your flies is do short videos of your flies in action, using my Fish Test Tank we can show your customers the action of your flies in simulated stream.


Take a look at some of the flies that I have taken photos in my fly tying photos, you will definitely see the difference in some of them, Why? Because I started using this equipment to make my flies pop!



First Time Session: $20 per hour

Second Time Session: $30 per hour

This can be paid by Pay Pal, Venmo, Cash, or Check

Contact me at to set up your appointment, afterwards I will give you a call and talk to you about what you want out of our time together.